Cool Animation Explains How The Nissan Titan Diesel Has So Much Torque

The 2016 Nissan Titan XD's 5.0 Cummins diesel V8 is designed for longevity and low-noise output. But the M² "two-stage" two-turbo setup is where that beastly 555 lb-ft of torque figure, and theoretically robust powerband, come from. Here's how it works. » 1/28/15 2:33pm Yesterday 2:33pm

Here's How Much It Costs To Fix Dents On The Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150

Yesterday gave their pristine 2015 Ford F-150 some enthusiastic thwacks with a sledgehammer, putting two dimples in the quarter panel and cracking the taillight. Today they got the bill, and they're saying it cost four times as much to repair the aluminum bed versus old-school steel. » 1/27/15 1:34pm Tuesday 1:34pm

Watch What Happens When You Sledgehammer An Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150

The editors of have finally posted what skeptics of the aluminum-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 have been demanding: An independently sanctioned bludgeoning of the truck's quarter panel. Here's how it held up. » 1/26/15 11:43am Monday 11:43am

How Do We Feel About Decorative Puddle Lamps On Fancy Cars?

The 2014 Range Rover Sport throws this pompous batsignal on the sidewalk every time you unlock it. I think it's great Land Rover can still think up ways to tell plebeians I'm better than them. My girlfriend says it's more embarrassing than my matching Land Rover socks and belt. What do you think? » 1/26/15 10:16am Monday 10:16am